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Address: 上海市徐汇区广元路135号, 200030,
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DiningCity Greater China brings innovative online products and services to the food and beverage industry.We operate listing websites on www.diningcity.cn and www.diningcity.hk offering restaurants a channel to promote themselves and list their latest events and promotions.

Our flagship event is RestaurantWeek, which is a week long event where people can try out full dinners at partner hotel restaurants such as the Peninsula, the Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt hotels, Shangri-la hotels, Marriott hotels, and stand-alone restaurants such as Mr & Mrs Bund, the restaurants at 3 On The Bund, Bund 22, and Capital M in Beijing. In the last edition we worked with over 350 high-end restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. We seated over 45.000 people in that week, all through our websites www.restaurantweek.cn and www.restaurantweek.hk.



    岗位职责 Responsibilities:

    1.根据平台发展需求, 参与用户增长、转化提升、用户活跃度优化等目的的营销活动;

    2.负责不同渠道的具体执行, 包括活动策划、文案撰写、效果分析、后续优化等;


    岗位要求 Requirements:

    1. 关注互联网行业, 有一定的市场敏感度 ;

    2. 有较强的语言文字运用能力、敏锐的活动策划能力和用户需求洞察能力;

    3. 具有较强的数据分析能力、思维清晰、积极主动、解决问题能力强;

    4. 热爱美食、热爱生活

    5. 本科及以上学历,1-3年互联网行业从业经验;

    6. 英文听说读写流利